Good Practice Policy

Last updated 25/01/2022

1. Purpose and context
At Crystal Clear Translation, we endeavour to always operate in line with company values. This involves all bodies and persons within the organisation always following good practices. Everybody is expected to act in line with what the organisation deems to be good practice and ensure that whilst undertaking company matters and actions, professionalism is kept at the heart of everything we do.

2. Principles
Crystal Clear Translation is dedicated to enforcing methods of good practice among its employees and partners to assist in the maintenance of the companyʼs reputation.

3. Scope
This policy applies to all individuals within the organisation including trustees, employees (both long term and fixed term), partners, directors, managers and clients and any other bodies or persons providing a service to CCT, whether it be on a paid or
unpaid basis.
All employees within the company will be informed of this policy upon the on-boarding process as a part of their induction meeting. They will be asked to read and sign the policy as part of a formal agreement between themselves and the company. Once
signed, if these terms are breached in anyway, the relevant action will be taken at the discretion of the Managing Director.

4. Definition
Good practice can be defined as a working method or set of working methods that is officially accepted as being the best to use in a particular business or industry, usually described formally and in detail.

5. Company Values
Our company values are:
• Reliability
• High-quality work, always
• Cultural awareness
• Complete inclusion
• Highly time efficient

6. Examples of good practice
• Always ensure that you are punctual for work or an appointment that you may have. If you intend on being late for any reason, please do your best to offer CCT notice of this.
• Always ensure that you are working to a high-standard, in line  with company values. This includes all work being your own. Plagiarism will be dealt with seriously.
• Be sure to act inclusively towards your clients and colleagues. Discrimination will be investigated under CCT polices.
• If you are unable to meet a deadline, contact your manager to explain the reasons why. This way, an extension could be agreed upon or the job can be passed on to an available employee.
• Please notify CCT if you require time off work for any reason, including holiday or sickness. This ensures the relevant cover can be acquired.
• Always ensure that you always act as professionally as possible during your working hours.

7. Implementation
Any person suspected of or discovered to be acting against the companyʼs good practice policy will be investigated fully in line with the guidelines and, if found accountable, will be dismissed immediately for gross misconduct. Any clients or external bodies working on behalf of, with or acquiring a service from the
organisation, who are found to be breaching these terms regarding good practice policy will have their contract dismissed as a matter of urgency. All dealings will cease and shall never proceed again in the future.

8. Monitoring
To ensure the policy remains effective, it will be reviewed by the organisation on a regular basis and relevant changes will be made in accordance.