Safeguarding Policy

Last updated 25/01/2022

  1. Purpose
    Crystal Clear Translation (CCT) works with local communities and authorities, academic institutions, counselling and legal services, and charitable organisations. The nature of our work often puts those that work for us in position of power in relation to vulnerable adults and the representatives of vulnerable children, and as such we have a legal and moral obligation not to abuse this power.
    Our ability to ensure the protection of vulnerable clients depends on the cooperation and understanding of employees and partners in regard to upholding and promoting the very highest standards of ethical and professional conduct and transparency.
    CCT is firmly committed to ensuring the welfare of all beneficiaries and protecting them from harassment, abuse and exploitation, implementing safeguards across all of our work to prevent this happening.
    In recognising our responsibility as a company to protect the most vulnerable, CCT has developed a Safeguarding Policy outlining the specifics of our commitments and internal preventative-measures. This policy aims to deter and remove opportunities in which abuse and/or discrimination may occur and includes information on how any alleged contraventions of this policy should be dealt with.
    All employees, partners, and clients of CCT are expected to understand and abide by our Safeguarding Policy. Anyone found to be in violation of this policy may be subject to disciplinary action or dismissal, as per company and legal guidelines.
  2. Principles
    Crystal Clear Translation’s Safeguarding Policy follows three main principles:

2.1 Mandatory Compliance
Both employees and partners must ensure that they understand the company’s Safeguarding Policy, their responsibilities, and how to report concerns or inappropriate behaviour. No exceptions will be made.

2.2 Protection Rights
All vulnerable adults and children have the right to be protected from harm. They should be made aware of their rights in regard to safeguarding and should be advised on how to report abusive or discriminatory behaviour.
All clients, as well as members of staff and partners, will be treated with respect and dignity regardless of race, sex, age, disability, civil status, religion or belief, and sexual orientation, as per the The Human Rights Act of 1998.
The organisation has a responsibility to make any partners it associates or works with aware of company Safeguarding Policy and its requirements.
The best interests of the vulnerable adult or child in question will guide any safeguarding decisions.

2.3 Zero Tolerance of Abuse and Exploitation
CCT has a zero-tolerance approach to instances of abuse or exploitation. The company aims to be professional and transparent in its dealings with any safeguarding concerns raised.
Poor practice and inappropriate behaviour will be challenged and investigated thoroughly, and safeguarding measures will be continuously reviewed and amended (if necessary) to ensure that CCT provides a safe and non-discriminatory environment for
both employees and clients.

  1. Scope
    As previously stated, this policy extends to all staff and partners of CCT, regardless of position or working contract length or status.
  2. Implementation
    CCT will work to reduce the risk of abuse and exploitation of vulnerable clients by staff and partners by following the procedures outlined below.

4.1 Recruitment and Background Checks
All potential employees and partners will be screened to ensure they have the appropriate qualifications, references, and legal requirements to work for CCT and our clients in adherence to our Safeguarding Measures.
All staff are required to declare whether or not they have a history of criminal convictions.

4.2 Induction and Training
New members of staff will be made aware of our Safeguarding Policy and its requirements as part of their induction process, regardless of their role in the company.
Staff members will also receive guidance on what is considered appropriate and inappropriate behaviour and will be informed of how to report and handle incidents where breaches of the company’s Safeguarding Policy may have occurred.

4.3 Keeping Clients Informed
Clients should be made aware of what behaviour they should expect from Crystal Clear Translation’s employees and should be advised on how to raise any concerns over potential safeguarding breaches (such as reviews, comment boxes, and intermediatries
if necessary).

4.4 Responsibilities
All members of staff are expected to be undertake the following responsibilities in order to uphold CCT’s Safeguarding Policy:

  • Treat all clients, especially vulnerable ones, with total dignity and respect at all times
  • Avoid innapropriate relationships with clients – these may include sexual, financial, and emotional relationships. As CCT deals with clients in vulnerable situations, such
    relationships are exploitative. If an employee is aware of such a relationship and fails to report it, they may be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Refrain from taking part in criminal or unethical activities that may breach Human Rights regulations.
  • Follow the proper recruitment and screening procedures.
  • Report any abusive or dangerous behaviour by a staff member or partner to the appropriate authorities within the company.
  • Make use and be aware of the resources detailing Safeguarding Policy and procedure.
  1. Reporting
    It is mandatory that any instance, suspected or otherwise, of abuse towards a vulnerable client (or other staff member) be reported immediately to the company Director.
    The client (or those responsible for them) and the employee accused of misdemeanor will be kept informed of the investigation and disciplinary process.
    All reported breaches of this policy will be kept strictly confidential and details will only be shared with the relevant parties involved in the reporting and investigative procedure.
    Upon receiving a safeguarding complaint, action will be taken immediately to start the investigatory process and to prevent any further potential harm to the client affected by any breach in policy.
    Any breaches of policy that involve criminal activity will be reported to the appropriate local authorities and investigated with their co-operation.

5.1 Disciplinary Measures
If a member of staff or partner is found to have acted in contravention of company policy, depending on the severity of the offence, they will be subject to either disciplinary measures or face the immediate termination of their contract in the event
of gross misconduct.

  1. Monitoring and Review
    Implementation of this Safeguarding Policy will be consistently monitored and regularly reviewed, with the appropriate recommendations and changes made if necessary.
    This policy will be reviewed annually.