Gujarati is an incredibly fascinating language. Part of the Indo-Aryan language family, it harbours close connections to Punjabi and Hindi. Gujarati is spoken by as many as 45.7 million people in India alone, making it one of the most spoken first languages of the region. When we factor in speakers from other countries, Gujarati speakers account for 46.6 million of the population.

Similar to other Indo-Aryan dialects, Gujarati derives from Sanskrit and Prakrit, two ancient languages spoken in India up until 13th century AD.

Where is Gujarati spoken besides India?

Gujarati is richly spoken in many places outside of India. These regions include Bangladesh, Fiji, Kenya, Malawi, Pakistan, South Afria, United Kingdom and USA, to name a few.


Guajarati is one of 22 languages with official status in India. Particularly within the state of Gujarat, the majority of people communicate daily in the language. It is a widely celebrated and spoken language throughout Indian communities all across the world. Many migrants from India who have relocated still use it solely as their first language. In fact, it is one of the most spoken foreign languages in London and Birmingham.


There are several varying dialects spoken within the Gujarati language web. Most of these are based on location and will change based on the region you are in. These include:

  • East African Gujarati
  • Standard Gujarati (including the varieties spoken in Mumbai and Ahmedabad, the capital of Gujarat)
  • Surati
  • Kathiyawadi
  • Kharwa
  • Khakari
  • Tarimukhi

Many dialects borrow loanwords from Portuguese, Persian and Arabic.

Final thoughts

Gujarati is a highly popular language in many other countries other than India. The development of the language since its early days is extremely fascinating. The language remains rife all across the world within Indian and Gujarat communities. The growing number of migrants may call for interpreters and translators in various different scenarios.

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